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Could ending Daylight Saving Time save you £400?

Could UK households could save £400 a year on electricity if the October clock change is resigned?

  • A leading energy expert has suggested scrapping the October clock change
  • It’s calculated that UK households could save £400 a year on electricity bills as a result

Professor Foley of Queen’s University Belfast has calculated that, should the clock change be axed, demand for electricity at peak times would be substantially reduced, leading to household savings of just over £1 a day.

The radical solution has been proposed on the back of looming power blackouts in the UK this winter, which are looking more and more likely as we head towards the Christmas period.

The Daylight Savings Plan was originally introduced in 1916 as a war time effort to slash energy demand and help with earlier day light hours in the morning. For the last 20 years, most European nations have adjusted their clocks on the last Sunday in October and March, but jettisoning this approach has not been without its critics.

Some have voiced concerns that scrapping daylight savings could lead to more road traffic accidents along with creating time zone issues between the UK and Ireland. But with energy bills already sky high and set to rise further, abolishing the winter daylight savings time is a tempting prospect to many.

In fact, the EU was set to shelve clock changes back in 2021, but the move was suspended due to the challenges of the global pandemic.

Any steps that can be taken to off set the effect of the cost-of-living crisis in this country should surely be considered, regardless of how unconventional or novel they may seem.

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