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Brits warned of blackouts and power surges this winter

The National Grid has shared concerns over potential blackouts and dangerous power surges in the coming months.

  • The National Grid has predicted there could be power-outages this winter
  • The outages could lead to power surges which can cause damage to household appliances

With the threat of energy blackouts looming large this winter, unexpected advice has surfaced warning us to unplug some of our appliances before the power turns back on.

The National Grid has made it clear that, due to gas shortages, there’s a real possibility that many people may face a few hours a week without any electricity at all. However, this could lead to power surges when the electricity does turn back on, which could cause damage to a range of plugged-in household appliances.

It’s been suggested that if blackouts do occur, they’ll happen on weekday evenings between 4pm and 7pm in January and February when it’s especially cold.

And the non-essential appliances we’ve been advised to unplug before the power switches back on include televisions, home computers, cookers, lamps and irons. When the power does return, we’re told to give it a little bit of time before plugging the appliances back in.

Despite the warnings, we haven’t been told yet if blackouts will definitely happen this winter as there are a number of factors that need to be considered before any decision can be made. A major factor is whether the UK fails to secure enough gas from other countries in time for the new year, especially if the country experiences a colder winter than expected.

Other considerations that may have an impact include the lower than usual wind speeds for wind turbines, along with restricted electricity imports via subsea piping from places such as France, the Netherlands and Belgium. However, any pre-planned power cuts need to be rubber stamped by both the government and King Charles before they can be scheduled.

With blackouts currently considered possible rather than likely, it’s still sensible to plan ahead and make a list of what you may need should the power cuts happen.

This can include common-sense actions to take such as making sure you have torches and batteries at the ready for when the blackouts occur as these are considered a safer option than candles.

It may also be wise to have thick blankets prepared in case it’s particularly cold whilst also making sure all of your devices are charged so that you have something to do to pass the time while you’re waiting for the power to turn back on.

The better you prepare, the lower the impact any blackouts will have on you and your family.

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